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There Was A Dream is an exploration and survival game set in the dream world. You’ll dress up as Claire, a 26yo girls that after a quarrel with her family moves to a new city. 

  • Explore a dreamy italian countryside, survive fighting into a dark nightmare, becoming a Dream's Hero saving people and restoring the balance of the dream dimensions.
  • Collect resources, materials and artifacts to survive, craft, resell, build your house, complete quests and more.
  • Discover randomic job opportunity or resell the artifact found during your journey and build your own business.
  • Carry out different types of activities including farming, fishing, sailing, hunting, riding, driving.
  • Personalize your aspect buying new pajamas and capes, change hair style and color.
  • Buy, personalize and train your horse, to raise his resistance for ride around the world-map.
  • Take part in thrilling horse races at the last overtaking. Collect energy balls, use the boost and win against your opponents. 
  • Personalize your house with dozens of furnish.
  • Rescue and help people fighting monsters in the Nightmare dimension to repopulate the Dream dimension and unlock shops, jobs, activities and more.
  • Adopt your favorite style of play during battles. Approach in stealth mode, build and use traps or throw stones to depose enemies. Or go for brute force, with clubs and the firepower of weapons.

Always be prepared, always ready to fight!

Keep your inventory and water full, craft, fish, hunt, help the people around the countryside. Build and furnish your house, change outfit or hair style, buy accessories. Buy and train your horse to ride around the world map.

When the nightmare comes, prepare to fight a strange race of monster, born from human bad emotions. Save people from monster to repopulate the word of dream, using traps, distractions and stealth tactics. Your game. Your choice.

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System Requirements (Minimum)

  • Cpu: Intel Core-i3 or AMD equivalent
  • Ram: 6 GB
  • Os: Win 7+
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750TI+ or ATI Radeon R7 260X+
  • Free disk space: 2 GB

System Requirements (Recommended)

  • Cpu: Intel Core-i7 or AMD equivalent
  • Ram: 8 GB
  • Os: Win 10
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960+, ATI Radeon R9 280+
  • Free disk space: 4 GB

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Nov 29, 2018
AuthorKeydare Project
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Cinema 4D
TagsCrafting, Farming, Horror, Monsters, Open World, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Install instructions

Unzip ThereWasADream.zip into your favourite folder.
Launch the game or create a desktop shortcut from There Was a Dream.exe

Tip. Even deleting the entire folder and re-download the game you don't lose the saved game or preferences.


ThereWasADream.zip [ ALPHA 0.2.4 ] 1 GB

Development log

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This is such a lovely game. Is there a mailing list I can sign up to so that I can be notified when you do your crowdfunding campaign?


Thank you so much! Every follower, buyer and key owners on itch will be notified or emailed the day we start the campaign. I saw you follow the game, thanks. We'll keep you informed about that 🙂


good … version console ? ps4?


♥️ Thanks for playing!  For now only PC, if the crowdfunding campaign we planned for February 2020 will be fine, we'll think about porting to consoles.


I think it is so generous that you are offering the game for free for Black Friday. If I get the game now, do I need to pay in the future to keep playing?


Hello, rreygankiwii

Yes, once you have downloaded the game you can play as much as you want 🙂


Great game, love the concept! Are you interested in working with a publisher at all? I'd love to talk to you about what Sedoc can offer if you're interested! Feel free to reach out to me at deana@sedoc.net


Is this a singleplayer or multiplayer game? Are there any microtransactions?


Hello reygankiwi, There Was A Dream is a singleplayer game without any sort of microtransactions 🙂


Just got this game it looks very good ;)

Ow thank you! Enjoy our dreamy journey! 

I love this game but it was bought using my father-in-law's email and he created an account recently so it unlinked from mine and now he owns it on his account and I can't play it anymore...

Hi CielAlek,
contact us in private on discord. We will try to solve.

My PC has an i3 CPU however I have 12 GB of RAM...the only resolution options are 320 x 200 or 640 x 400 and the game is sooo blurry. Somehow one time it cleared up after a bit...idk but its unplayable I can't read anything and I'm really bummed because I not only spent money on this game but I also really looked forward to playing it :/ I hope you can help!

Hello ashleyislame,
seems to be a problem with your graphic card, if the only resolutions that are shown to you are the ones you wrote. The Unity launcher automatically shows all available resolutions that your graphic card or screen can support. 

What you can do: check that your graphic card meets the minimum requirements we have written in the specifications and update its drivers. We still invite you to join our Discord server, so that we can exchange information and screenshots on this issue more easily.

I play games consistently with much higher resolutions...So that's definitely not all that my graphics card can support...I have never had this issue with a game :/

Ok, but unfortunately it is not easy for us to correct something that we cannot see. No one has ever reported this problem so I renew the invitation to discuss it on our discord and if you can send us something visual we can try to understand why it happens to you. :)


Please ad 3440x1440 support

(1 edit)

Hi velvet_thunder!

We will try to add it :)


I am new to itch but this game immediately caught my eye and I had to take the risk and make the purchase. No regrets! This is a "must buy" game. It is absolutely beautiful and really quite brilliant in concept. I'm loving it so far and I really feel as though this game is incredibly special. You have done something amazing here and I think there are loads of people out there who will want to play it too. 10/10 <3


Thank you so much for appreciating our game! We are very happy with the positive feedback we are receiving and will continue to add new and fun content to the game.


Hello everyone. Aside form a few very small bugs and glitches this game rocks. The developers are aware of these glitches and bugs and release most of the time big updates. Join their discord to help this game grow, make it better and bug free! It's also a fun way to talk :P That said... Thank you for this great game. I enjoy it a lot and there is a lot to discover, explore, to do in general,... as well! Feel free to check out my gameplay and also make sure to check out their youtube channel. They explain very well the concept of the game. 


Thank you so much for playing and enjoying our game. We're really happy about this great video! We try to improve the game with every update and as you said, any help is welcome. Join the Discord for any recommendation, advice, suggestion or just to chat together.


I downloaded itch.io about 15 minutes ago and this game immediatly caught my attention! Unfortunatly Im not old enough to be able to own a credit card or paypal and I cant ask my parents to buy it for me at the  moment so ill just tell my friends to download the game. I have a small server of friends and we all pretty much have the same taste in games! I wish yall fun playing the game!



We are pleased that you enjoyed the game at first sight. When you find a way to play with it let us know what you think!


Is the new update coming a little late? Lol I keep checking everyday because it was said to be released in the middle of the month

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi CielAlek, we are working hard on it but cause it's a major update it requires a little more time than we expected. There are new places, missions, a faster craft system and a completely redesigned Nightmare dimension. Now there is also a interactive tutorial for beginners. The game, now contains all that we need to expand it with every dimensions we/you want. Please be patient for another week or two. 🙂


That sounds awesome! Thanks for letting me know so I didn't keep checking religiously lol. Can't wait to try it out! Take your time though!


After some discussion, I was able to post my interview with one of the developers of the Keydare Project studio.

If you're interested, please read it here!


Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

(1 edit) (+2)

I love the trailer! If I had the money I would buy it, but I don't and I have a below-low-end PC. For now, please accept my verbal support as I spread the good knowledge and fun that is this game! XD


Hi, RepJunkieJr
we are really happy that you like the game. We always try to optimize it in every update just to try to make it available even to PCs below the minimum specifications. Thanks for your verbal support, we are equally pleased 😊


Your game caught my attention right from the go...and that's crucial...that I buy...lol

Looks like a great effort can't wait to play it.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! We are glad that you like the game, if you want to know more and talk with us, join our discord :)



I'd like that.


Hi beautiful game!! Do you have any plans to publish on Steam? I work for a publisher and we're very interested in your game. If you'd like to talk feel free to email me at deana@sedoc.net

website: https://sedoc.net/

Hello dgalbraith3, 

thanks for the interest. I'll write to you in the evening for more info. Thank you.


Be wary of these requests ,they used to pop up a lot in the comments section of steam when a new game was about to get  greenlit .

People offering to  help with  getting your game published or whatnot.

I remember reading a few articles  about them  , not always kosher or in your best interest.

Not saying that's the case here but just saying....

Hello dibdob1,
many have contacted us in the past and even now we have several contacts, of course we have also inquired about the matter and we are very careful before accepting anything. However, thank you for the warning.

Is there a multiplayer or does a multiplayer come out?

Hi Kevin8427,
Among the many other features that we'll want to implement, we had also planned a multiplayer mode, but it depends on how the game as a whole will go.


Beautiful game.Wonderful setting and original characters, not the usual game. Really interesting graphics, a nice crafting system and a great alternation between day and night with curious things to do. Very entertaining mini quests, nice to get lost in this sometimes relaxed (day) and sometimes mystical (night) atmosphere. Also nice to always have to eat and stay warm, not to die, which also brings a bit closer to realism. Many congratulations to the creators. Recommended

Hi Davide30,

Thank you for playing our game! We will add many more contents to make the game better and better, stay tuned!


The game is really immersive and original, I love the range of colors and the nightmare atmosphere, as well as the wonderful country where you can sit in front of a bar to enjoy the concert. I am sure that future implementations will improve this product which for me is already very good. Keep it up!


Hi samishra,

we're glad you're enjoying the game! Every week we update the game with fix, improvements and more contents.. so keep playing!

I've got an old graphics card, (AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series), but my pc meets the other specs, do you know if this will run for me? Also are there lower graphics settings if needs be? The game looks really interesting, really hope I can play it!

(1 edit)

Hi spio111,

The game is in alpha and is not well optimized in every place of the map yet and in those places require more "power" than it should. The main bottleneck of your graphic card is the v-ram (only 1gb). The game have many quality settings to choose (Ultralow, Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Cinematic), a check to play windowed and a resolution combobox. If want to buy the game, let us know it you encounter any problem, but remember that your graphic card are below our minimum specs and we can't guarantee you a smooth experience.

(1 edit) (+1)

From what I could play it's really good! Suffers with my old graphics card though, once it got to night the lag got much worse. I think it was night anyway (no enemies, but sky was dark and snow effect?) but the framerate became so jumpy I stopped there. I definitely want to play the survival part though, so coming back to it when I've got the PC for it!

P.S. Recommend to anyone looking at this, but yes follow the minimum specs

Hi spio111,

Thank you for appreciated our game. At 22 o'clock Claire enters into the Nightmare dimension. Save the game to tent and restart the game. Starting directly into nightmare i think you can play much better. However, as you said, minimum specs are very recommended. Continue to follow the game updates, we'll try to speed up the framerate even for old graphic cards.