v0.1.10 available

Good morning Dream's heroes,
we uploaded a new version with minor changes and bugs fixes, here's the complete list:

  • Lowered price to 750 for standard horses and 1500 for the specials ones. 
  • Sand Dun horse is now on sale and buyable only for 150!
  • Controlling Fergus now it's possibile to jump at different height. Pressing [space] Fergus performs a normal jump, with [shift]+[space] a super high jump. This to have more control jumping over big and little obstacles/object.
  • Lowered Fergus' energy consumption.
  • Selectable balloon now show even at higher altitude.
  • Added a message that inform that you cannot use the balloon at higher altitude.
  • Increased the income from local jobs.


ThereWasADream.zip [ ver. 0.1.10 ] 952 MB
Dec 02, 2018

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