v0.1.20 available, bug/glitch fixes and more

Good morning Dream's heroes, 
thanks to your reports we have released an update that fixes all the bugs/glitches found so far.

🐞 Bug/Glitch fixed

  • FIXED: Opening the calendar while observing the inventory cause problems with Claire's animation and the position of the backpack.
  • FIXED: Using Fergus, click at same time with left and right mouse button caused weird loop animation.
  • FIXED: The spiral staircase of the public library blocks access to the top.
  • FIXED: The internal gas station colliders don't work and push the character out.
  • FIXED: Correct a wrong label into Option > Controls menù.


  • Added floating effect to umbrella when raining.
  • Added plants and bushes to Gas Station's flowerbed.
  • Raise the ground level along the beach to prevent water from passing through it.

🤑 Sale! 

  • We remind you that the game is still discounted at the price of $5.49



ThereWasADream.zip [ ver. 0.1.20 ] 958 MB
Feb 16, 2019

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