v0.2.2 available, bug/glitch fixes

Hello Dream heroes,
after the major update last week, which we hard worked on for over a month, we are here again to fix some bugs that have been reported to us.

๐Ÿž Bug/Glitch fixed

  • Fixed the problem that it did not allow to ride the horse the first time it is purchased.
  • Fixed a problem with the gravity of the horse that made it slowly sink into the ground.
  • Fixed the problem that allowed the balloon to be used while Claire is swimming or underwater or using a bush to get closer to the animals.
  • Fixed a problem concerning the gravity of some animals.
  • Now it is possible to leave the village with the car that is parked there.
  • Fixed the problem that did not allow crafting some objects.
  • Fixed some sentences within the dialogues.

๐Ÿค‘ Sale! 

  • We remind you that the game, thanks to the new update, is still discounted at the price of $5.49



ThereWasADream.zip [ ver. 0.2.2 ] 1 GB
Apr 05, 2019

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