v0.2.4 - Horse Racing Available!

Hello Dream heroes, 
another month of development and we can finally release version 0.2.4 of the game. This version includes many glitch and bug fix, but most important HORSE RACING! Let's go into the details.

⭐Horse Racing!

Get your horse, train it and take part in thrilling races at the last overtaking. Collect energy balls, use the boost and win against your opponents with two original race track! Watch the trailer below!

👓Other changes/fixes

  • Improved the visual quality of the horses' coat.
  • Correct wolf animation in the nightmare.
  • Added collisions for some objects in the nightmare (wooden houses, sidewalks)
  • Added tree collisions around the survivalist house.
  • Replaced the murmur sound of talking NPCs.
  • Restored the facial animations of the talking NPCs.
  • Decreased brightness in the middle hours of the day.
  • Fixed many more minor glitches/bugs.

🤑 Sale! 

  • You can benefit of a new discount for this release at the price of $5.49

❗ Attention

This is a major update.  Please report all bugs or glitch (presumed or not) on our Discord and do not leave a negative review, as the game is tagged as "in development" and will only improve with your help.


ThereWasADream.zip [ ver. 0.2.4 ] 1 GB
May 01, 2019

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I would give feedback on this update if the game hadn't unlinked itself from my account. I'm really sorry I won't be able to play it anymore. But I enjoyed everything I got to experience and I think this game is really going somewhere.

Hi CielAlek,
contact us in private on discord. We will try to solve.